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In the 11+ years we’ve been together, we’ve probably had about six or seven fondue addiction months, where we either got our own fondue set, went to Fonduely Yours Restaurant in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina or various Melting Pots Restaurants up North. It was so exciting to come across this Fabulous Fondues Book by Dorothy H Becker. It’s a Peter Pauper Press Book, published in 1970 and is filled with yummy fondue main dishe and dessert recipes. This little hardcover book in fabulous condition and the inside pages are beautiful. The book measures to be 7 1/2″ tall and 4 1/2″ wide. All the illustrations are in hot pink and orange, super retro and super mod. It is a Peter Pauper Press Book. Enjoy a preview of the book below!

CONDITION: This Fabulous Fondues Book by Dorothy H. Becker is in great condition. The cover has a tiny bit of wear and tear on the edges, but the inside hardcover is pristine. The first page has a little note written on the first otherwise empty page, but all the other pages look great.

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