by | The Lills, VW Bus

Before saying “I Do” in 2010, the two of us agreed to never work nine to five jobs again. We agreed to put all of our energy into creating a successful self-owned and operated design business and we dreamed of one day having a horse in the backyard and acquiring a VW bus so we could travel. It was a simple and achievable dream in our eyes and it was amazing to watch it take form.

The first house we looked at (and ended up renting) in Beaufort, South Carolina, had a horse in the back yard and a VW bus parked right in front. It was as though the universe was letting us know we were headed in the right direction.

A little over a year later, we were given a horse who needed a good home. He stayed at the house and on the farm where we lived. Our design business was slowly growing and we began to really appreciate the little things in life.

The Lills | Alex Lill | Lara Lill | VW Bus

Just three years after becoming Mr. and Mrs. Lill, we found an authentic ’78 VW camper bus in beautiful Asheville, NC. It was a wonderful moment in time, finally driving along in our old-school hippie van. We named him Moksha (the state of non-ego) and were immediately put to the test. 🙂

One thing after the other started showing signs of wear and tear. Since then we’ve replaced so many little and even big parts. You might not know it by looking at him, but now, he is running beautifully. We’re excited to see where we’ll all go! Take a look at his makeover process here.