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A long time ago, we met a young girl who was having a rebellious streak against her parents. She explained their determination to control her life and how it made her lash out in very loud ways. We remember her mother even talking to us and we got into the conversation of what we like to call “the red button syndrome”.

One of us was more rebellious than the other growing up. When parents are busy working and you grow up at school or hanging out in a neighborhood with nothing to do, it’s easy to get sidetracked on bad paths and hang out with other miserable people. When parents work, but spend quality time with their children and build strong relationships, that’s when children can express their problems and parents can help find solutions.

Parents and children can begin trusting one another to make the right choices when they spend more time communicating, teaching and learning from one another, like guides. If parents aren’t there, children will find other guides, like peers, who often steer others in bad directions.

Everyone needs to know everyone makes bad choices so they can be learned from. We can’t just tell people not to press the red button. Often times that alone makes pressing it even more fun and exciting, all because the person pressing it doesn’t know what to expect. They have to learn from experience. They have to press the red button.

RBS | Red Button Syndrome | The Lills Inspiration

We read the human brain works positively. So it eliminates negatives like “don’t”. So, if you say “Don’t touch that”, you’re really saying “touch that”. We can rewire our brains to speak positively and instead say, “hey, come over here and let’s do this”. We can show each other through example better choices and better results.

Life really is the best education a soul can ask for. Hearing, reading or listening to information is not the same as experiencing it, hands-on. If we could see every experience as necessary to grow, than maybe we wouldn’t be so hard on one another.

It’s when we begin looking through each other’s eyes and start seeing each other’s full picture, we can then really put on each other’s shoes and assist the people around us. It’s another way we can help create more peace on Earth. The two of us try not to download our ideas onto people, but offer up the information. What they do with it is up to them. Being detached from the outcome and more in the now, makes it much easier to stay happy and positive inside of ourselves and toward one another. No buttons ever have to be pushed.

We restructured our life to go minimal and spend 24-7/365 together, giving us the time it takes to help each other creatively produce satisying work, grow, learn, overcome obstacles and see each other’s perspectives more clearly. It has taken focus, care, time, trust and the ability to let each other move at our own pace.

Whether you want to spend 24-7/365 with the people you love or just build stronger relationships, throw out the red buttons and start teaching and learning from another. Get to know each other and see the beauty in everyone. Each unique person (or animal) is here having a unique experience and we can better the experience for all by spending more time together.