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Paramahansa Yogananda was an Indian spiritual teacher, yogi and guru who moved to America in 1920 to bring his knowledge of meditation, yoga and ancient practices to the western world. He attracted people of all backgrounds and established a center for Self-Realization. The center still exists today and every day people begin learning and practicing the ancient Indian techniques, begin following his lessons and become more one with all.

Autobiography Of A Yogi | Pramahansa YoganandaAlthough neither of us have committed ourselves wholly to his school of life, we have family that played active roles in the community and at the center in New York City. We saw with our own eyes the positive impact it had on them and the people around them. They transformed into much more aware people, who made their actions with care and who focused positively on the things they wanted to change. We learned and picked up on a lot of really wonderful techniques to stay centered, be in the now and vibrate at a higher energy. Yogananda’s perspective is one we enjoy very much.

We see all religion, spirituality and belief systems as perspectives. Each brings different information to the table and if you break them down, most can be simplified into choosing good over evil, love over hate and truth over manipulation. We feel rather than opposing other’s beliefs, we can learn from each other and enjoy the similarities and differences.

In our opinion, it’s time we stop repeating the past, stop the separation and come together as a greater good by treating everyone on this planet with care, forgiveness and compassion. We can learn from and teach one another, instead of judge.

Each of us has been taught to focus on the negatives, which creates more negativity. The two of us aren’t there yet, but we are learning to find peace and strength in our tough times. Little techniques, practices and reminders help us along the way and many times Yogananda is brought to mind.

We recommend anyone with an open mind to read his biography. His life story is truly a wonderful perspective that resulted in the waking up of generations. A movie was released for those of you who enjoy visual learning. In any case, it’s worth checking out.

Yogananda Concentration and Life Force