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Oregano Oil | The Lills Food
We recently learned about and tried using oregano oil. It’s a natural antiseptic, full of antioxidants and it treats infections. Supposedly, it’s also an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and can eliminate negative organisms in the body when taken daily. It helps the digestive process and allergies, menstrual and menopause symptoms. It strengthens immunity and stimulates white blood cell production in the body.

We enjoy gargling it with some water and swishing it in our mouths. It’s very spicy, but it fights bacteria and leaves our mouths feeling refreshed and clean. We also put a few drops in water and drink it. It loosens up mucus and phlem, soothes the lungs and throat and prevents and treats respiratory issues. It’s a perfect tool when quitting smoking as well.

Oregano oil is an essential oil and can be applied as a topical and can reduce redness, inflammation and pain. The list truly goes on, which is why we’ve started enjoying the benefits that come from using it regularly. Get your very own bottle and see what you think!