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Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? He is considered one of history’s most important inventors and geniuses. In a time where people were still using candles to light the way, Nikola Tesla discovered the rotating magnetic field in 1882, which gave humans the AC electric power system that now powers homes and businesses around the world.

Nikola Tesla invented fluorescent and neon lighting, remote control, the capacitor discharge ignition system for cars, the mechanical oscillator, bladeless turbine, wireless communicaton and more. He is the true discoverer of x-rays and the true inventor of the radio and radar. He also built the first hydroelectric plant at Niagra Falls that proved it was a practicle energy source.

He worked for Thomas Edison, who promised him $50,000 to help him with his DC generators and motor designs. When Tesla fixed the machines and asked for the money, Thomas Edison’s reply was, “Tesla, you don’t understand our American humor”. Telsa quit and formed his own company, Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing Company.

Around 1891, Tesla invented the Tesla Coil, a global wireless-transmission tower used to produce high voltage, low current, high frequency alternating current electricity. He knew his invention could be used to provide free wireless energy and communication to the world, so he began building his 185 foot transmitter tower in Long Island, New York and another in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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J.P. Morgan funded the venture until he realized he would make no profit. Nikola Tesla ended up in financial debt and passed away alone in a New York City hotel. Much of his work was confescated and he never did receive the credit he deserved. His idea of a World Power System, that powered the world for free, was quieted. It seems like only recently, people have begun relooking into the incredible possibility of free energy.

Although times have changed, the elite and big corporations still don’t want the mass population to find out about or access free energy. It would mean they could no longer charge us for power and money would become less of a focus. Nikola Tesla was so close to making it happen, but now it is up to the future to bring his idea to fruition. Learn more about clean, renewable, free energy here.