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Cat and Dog | Best Friends | The Lills

When the two of us headed out of South Carolina and began our cross-country adventure, we brought our dog, Sunday, along for the ride. She was so easy going, friendly to all and she loved having the whole back of our VW bus to herself. We camped in Alabama and spent a week in the city of New Orleans and she just had a ball sniffing everything and meeting everyone in the city.

When we headed out of NOLA, we stopped in Ponchatula, Louisiana and sat out in the grass one morning. We were amazed, when out of nowhere, a tiny kitten appeared and walked straight up to Sunday.

The kitten began rubbing Sunday’s belly and put her sleep. Neither of us could believe it when the kitten then jumped on Sunday’s back and decided to curl up and take a nap.

The kitten fit in one hand and was super malnourished. We took him in, cleaned him up, named him Scotia (pronounced “skoh-shuh”)and very quickly he began to gain strength. He and Sunday got along from the get-go and they continued to build their bond. Everywhere we went people had something to say about them and anywhere Sunday would go, Scotia followed. We could have never imagined another pet in our lives, let alone a cat, but he has just added so much to our life and journey.

Scotia surprises us on a regular basis with his smarts and coolness. He is potty trained, he drinks and eats regularly, he loves to love and he loves to be loved. With two furbabies on board, the dynamic of our entire trip has changed for the better. We can’t picture life without them and we are excited to grow as a family. We hope everyone enjoys Scotia and the photos below! (Click to enlarge.)