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The Lills Meditation
When most people think of meditation, they may think of Buddhist monks sitting in robes on a hill, far far away from this reality. But in truth, more and more people are waking up and realizing the power within. By stopping for a moment, sitting and focusing on breathing, bodily and mental sensations or letting go of the mind completely, people are getting in tune with themselves. Just like an instrument, if it’s not in tune, it won’t play pleasantly.

Some people turn off their phones, television, lights and find cozy little spots to become relaxed and focus inward. We decided to remove distractions and create a lifestyle that allows us to be in tune as often as we can. Sessions of meditation each day have allowed us to find clarity and more easily manifest positive change in our reality. “Walking Meditation” is what we call taking the energy from our meditation sessions and bringing that same energy into daily life. We can all be a channel for positive energy and change the world together.