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Have you ever heard of cloud seeding? It’s when a plane goes through clouds or the open sky, emitting silver iodide, aluminum and other toxins. Supposedly, they’ve been using this technique for decades. Cloud seeding makes rain fall and may reduce storm severity, but when we look up at the sky and see planes leaving long lasting chemtrails of chemical agents, it makes us wonder where all of this is going.

The Lills Creating Environment

The thing is, in man’s quest to leave this beautiful planet and go to Mars, SpaceX founder Elon Musk expressed that creating a livable environment on the desolate foreign planet in order to colonize it, is possible. So, man clouds are just the beginning.

We read that in order to terraform Mars, they can mine on Mars, convert the materials into greenhouse gases, which forces CO2 to be released from the planet’s surface. The idea is that the atmosphere will slowly erode and create a thick atmosphere and ozone-layer, like Earth’s.

If that is true, and man can control the weather and create atmospheres, then we should be using this technology to first and foremost regulate weather on our home planet, before heading off to Mars. Each of us can do our part by decreasing our footprint through recycling, educated purchasing and mindful living.