by | The Lills, Travel

It’s absolutely amazing when the universe provides signs that tell us symbolically that we’re heading in the right direction. On our trip to Sarasota, Florida, we were tested the moment we arrived. The brakes on our VW bus went “spongy” all of a sudden and they needed to be fixed before continuing on. We were approached by an angel, who sent us to the best VW bus mechanics in town.

With two days lost, we were excited to get back to work and filmed ourselves riding horses on the beach for a great small Sarasota business New Years day. After a week of traveling and filming all over Sarasota, we were starting off the new year down to pennies and weren’t sure what to do.

When all hope seemed lost, we received a bag of quarters to use for gas. As we stacked the coins on a gas station counter, we noticed one of the coins looked different from all of the others. We pulled it to the side and realized we had been gifted with a lucky coin.

The Lills | Lucky Coin

The coin had a horse shoe on one side with the words “may good luck always accompany the bearer” etched into it. Although we weren’t sure how we were going to get home, we kept our lucky coin and were poof, contacted regarding filming a farm for horses needing rehabilitation just in the nick of time.

We zoomed over, got to meet all of the wonderful horses, filmed their story and received just enough money to get home. It was really nice to leave knowing, the universe had a plan all along.