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Over the last few years, we’ve worked closely with local farmers and food purveyors. The most important thing we learned was the difference between live and dead food. It turns out, when you pick an organic fruit off the tree and bite into it, you’re literally eating food that is alive. If you picked that same fruit and put it on a kitchen counter and let it sit there for days, you’d notice it start to shrivel up and die. The life energy is gone.

Somehow we have missed this important concept and have found we’ve been eating dead food since the day we arrived on planet Earth. All the synthetic snack foods, cereals, chips and even meat, is dead energy, dead food.

We learned an organic fruit contains tons more energy than a genetically modified one. So even our produce is being stripped of life energy.

The Lills Live Food Versus Dead Food

We’re spending less time at grocery stores and more time at local markets and farms, which has been an absolute blast. We do our best to nurture our small garden and figure if more people realize the difference between live and dead food, there’s a possibility that the demand for live food can go up. We find it personally important to not give our hard earned money to companies and organizations producing dead food.

Since focusing on finding, preparing, cooking and eating live food, we have opened our eyes up to a whole new world. For more information see our CURE ALL post.