by | Inspiration, The Lills

Although we both grew up being given and buying new stuff, today we prefer investing in old school and like-new clothes and things. Half of the world lives on fifty cents to a dollar day, which has so much to do with cheap labor for imported cheap goods.

Rather than supporting the addition of more new products on the globe, we’ve made a vow to invest in like-new clothing and items, all which have character and can’t be found in this season’s catalog. We feel so silly having spent hundreds of dollars on things that cost almost nothing to produce.

We’ve had so many more exciting experiences treasure hunting at fun vintage, retro and thrift stores. Each one has items we’ve never ever seen before and we always make new memories that a mall just can’t offer. We never know what to expect, we save money, recycle and find the coolest items, which is why we will continue do our best to steer clear from shopping retail. If everyone saw the value in what’s already here, the poor planet could possibly get a break from all the discarded goods piling up everywhere.

Check out some of the amazing items we’ve found along the way at The Lills Style!