by | Inspiration, The Lills

The two of us were overwhelmed with excitement every single day that it took to get our VW bus geared for our cross-country adventure. We had no fear, just determination. The actual day we headed out however, it sank in rather quickly that we were taking a leap of faith. The two of us reminded one another we have each other, we have water and food, we have a design business to cover expenses, a bus and gas to fuel it. We remembered it is up to us to hold the light, stay safe, be smart and keep positive. Each obstacle we’ve faced so far has taught us something and we continuously revise how we address life based on our experiences and life lessons.

The Lills Create Jumping Character

Whether it’s running low on funds, running low on patience, running into negative energies, experiencing miscommunication or being faced with technical difficulties, each problem finds its resolution and aids in our understanding of the world around us and the impact we have on it. By letting go of as much fear, frustration and negativity as we could and by believing in ourselves, we were continuously gifted by the universe and it led us to wonderful places we’ll never forget. We’re still not perfect, but we’re getting better at patience, forgiveness, teamwork and faith.

There have been plenty of times we have been without on this trip. Every time funds run low, people appear out of nowhere and provide knowledge, care or assistance. Our trip has restored our faith in humanity and it has provided a great demonstration of working together. We have seen far more acts of kindness than we expected while traveling. We have interacted with a wide range of people who all seem to see the possibility of a better life for all. It seems as though more people are waking up and making changes in their lives.

Almost every day we meet someone who has taken a leap of faith in their career, location, relationship or other lifestyle change. Each of these people show support for our journey and we are always excited to meet others taking their own path. We love inspiring and being inspired by others. It’s an empowering feeling to know we truly are not alone. We hope more people will revise their lives, take the leap, go minimal and let the adventures begin!