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There are examples of archaeological patterns of like-creations popping up around the world at the same time. Human beings were creating bowls for food around the world in similar timeframes, with no ability to communicate between the geographic landmasses. It’s as if the idea of the bowl was sent to the separated groups of humans in different locations at the same time, inspiring all of them to transform the idea of the bowl into the densified reality we all know and use today.



It has been said, great ideas float all around us. It is those who grab them first that will give them shape an integrate them into humanity. The two of us remember the idea of managing life using a pie chart and how it appeared suddenly in our minds in 2013. We were so overjoyed, realizing we could breakdown our priorities into sections (i.e. Food, Photo, Inspiration/Spirituality, Style/Wardrobe, Travel, Family and Design) and simplify life. Over time we saw our energy shift into a more focused and effective system. Each idea we chose to act upon received the energy necessary to turn into reality. We recommend that everyone utilize this idea by jotting down your life priority sections, providing them focused energy and seeing your wildest ideas and dreams come true.

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