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Earth is an electrical planet, giving off energetic waves all around. It is just as alive as we are, and when we walk around barefoot, we can feel the tingles and sensations of being grounded and connected. They now call it “Earthing”, but it is what every animal on the planet experiences naturally. Scientific studies are showing when we walk barefoot on Earth, we create energy infusion, which is considered to stabilize and benefit the bioelectrical circuitry in the human body.

Animals and humans are energetic and part-electrical beings too. Our hearts and nervous systems are affected by being connected or disconnected to Earth. Just like the moon, although far away, it affects our oceans tides. Too much time spent in alternate realities, called boxes, can further the illusion and make us think and feel we are separate and superior to Mother Nature.

Grounding Out Connecting With Earth | Earthing | The Lills Inspiration

We’ve been told wearing shoes alone, puts space between us and the Earth and keeps us disconnected from the natural energies that be. Concrete and cement change the energy on the surface of the planet and they block out so much good energy from everyone and everything. It’s as though the plan is to cover up the natural world completely. Already, our once natural Earth looks like a disco-ball because of the light pollution and man’s “constructive” and destructive choices.

Most human construction is built and designed to use squares, hard edges and dense materials, separating us from nature and creating even more energy blockages. Buildings could be designed to work with nature and energy, instead of against it. We’ve read about how architects have begun creating more spherical structures, which allows energy to flow better throughout and around a space.

The two of us spent years sitting side-by-side at computers, inside for hours at a time. Sometimes the sun would rise and set without us even realizing it. We spent so much time working and focusing on the tasks at hand, that we had lost touch with the outside world and needed to revise our plan so that we could work outdoors and get connected with nature again.

It took determination and patience, but we eventually were able to ditch our work-from-home lifestyle and take our business on the road. It hasn’t taken long to see the wonderful side effects from spending more time outdoors and from spending more time grounding ourselves, whether that be laying in the grass, exercising outdoors, walking on a beach barefoot or hugging a tree. We recommend everyone giving all of them a try.


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