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Over the last 12 years, we’ve lived in 14 houses and 4 states together. Every time we rented a house, we’d transform it from the inside out. When it came to our little beach bungalow on Folly Beach in South Carolina, we planted tons of tomato plants, herbs, sunflowers and elephant ears. That was back in 2006. We visited the little house a few years later and noticed the new tenants had let the garden go. It takes great care to keep a garden alive and thriving, like most other things in life.

The Lills Garden Friends

Thank goodness for all of the insects, animals and wild foliage. It takes care of itself and each other quite naturally. Each time we’d venture outside and tend to our gardens, we’d meet the little helper bees, butterflies, ants and friendly creatures, hard at work.

We like to consider them our neighbors in a way and provide a colorful reality, full of different tastes, smells and textures by planting different plants, fruit, vegetables and herbs. It’s as though all the community animals get word and head our way. Meet some of our garden friends and take a step outside and meet your own. It’s like a science fiction movie out there and it offers far more entertaining, inspirational and moving experiences than most realize.

The Lills Garden Friends