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One of us grew up with no dog to be found and the other one of us had dogs and pets of all kinds as a child. When we decided to move in with one another (almost immediately), it didn’t take us long to invite a dog into our own grown up life.

It really helped having a fur-baby to be responsible for, have fun and make memories with. We’ve adopted and helped find homes for many dogs over the years. Man’s best friend offers a kind of companionship, unconditional love and responsibility many others don’t. They teach children and adults the fundamentals of caring, closeness and inter-species communication.

The funny thing is, the domesticated dog is considerably different than the breeds of wolf that first made contact with man. Over the years, they were bred for specific uses, like the Jack Russell Terrier, utilized for getting foxes and other animals out of holes. Tibetan monks would place Mastiffs at entrances of Buddhist monasteries to ward off enemies. If an intruder made it passed the big Mastiff, they’d then run into the little, but highly praised, Lhasa Apso.

Each breed comes with different qualities and characteristics and each individual dog comes with their own personality and character, showing us animals aren’t really that different from us. They too are souls, operating a container, even if they can’t openly say so. That goes for all other animals.

It’s unfortunate there are countries today that still eat dogs. There is a Chinese Festival completely revolved around eating dog meat, if you can believe it. Because some of us have closer relationships to dogs, we couldn’t think of eating them. Maybe if we had closer relationships with other animals, we would choose to eat and consume vegetables over living beings.

Friend or Food | Dog Meat Awareness | By The Lills

If we understood the difference between live and dead food, realized a vegetarian/organic/plant-based diet can reverse disease and reduce the act of killing, we’d live in a much more peaceful world.

Instead, we are told to cover the taste of animal flesh with spices and flavors that trick the mind. If you thought we lost a lot of lives during the Holocaust, try figuring the math of how many animals are slaughtered each day for consumption. We’d rather be friends with the animals than eat them and hope more people will help gear our future toward a green, loving, environmentally friendly and humane one.