by | Inspiration, The Lills

Freedom, to us, is the state of being free to speak, eat, drink, learn, sleep, travel, express one’s self and experience. No other animal on the planet pays for these things.

The only real reason to have created a thing called money was to create the idea of “ownership” through buying and selling things.

Buying and selling things creates a division of status among humans, as some inevitably have more than others. This formula allows a small amount of people to dominate a mass.

The funny truth is, everything we buy and sell with paper money, derives from elements on planet (a planet meant to take care of everything living on it). We don’t technically own any of it. We feel it should be nurtured and shared among all, with the awareness that all livings things today will eventually pass away and an entirely new generation will exist and have to handle what has been done.

Humans have drawn up imaginary lines on land, stating ownership of this and ownership of that. It’s like an agreement, except the Earth, animals and most people weren’t included in the conversation.

They’ve put price tags on air, food, water and shelter, animals and even each other. How much are you worth? $7 an hour? $300,000 a year? Are you a millionare?

Most people can’t picture living without money, but today, half of the entire population on planet Earth lives on fifty cents to a dollar a day. It still blows us away and continues to instill a feeling of great strength and opportunity to make better choices with our gifts.

The Lills Freedom Versus Money

Each generation is made to believe in money because let’s face it, they have no choice. We are born into this ridiculous reality that was built by men. The two of us would far prefer to be part of a race where everyone has clean water, food, a roof over their head, where animals and nature isn’t run over and where everyone is educated from an energetic standpoint. We’d love to be part of a species on a planet who works together to better the whole and the future with or without any form of currency.

A friend of ours, funny enough, recently mentioned to us something known as The Venus Project. A man dedicated his life to building a concept of life that includes no form of money. He uses the library as an example, where no transaction of money occurs, but a transaction of energy still takes place. A lot of what he spoke of made sense to us.

If money wasn’t here, couldn’t we all exchange our energy, talents, skills, knowledge, strength, creativity and love to help save the planet, rather than move to Mars to continue to build and conquer? Could a worldwide collaboration occur where millions of people stop working for corporations, governments, factories and industries and begin working individually and together to provide the necessities to all, to clean up our act and this planet?

It seems as though too many are distracted by money, competition, fame and self-gain for that to ever happen, but maybe if enough people woke up and started making changes it could. The news and media won’t be the ones to ever tell us to take care of each other. It’s busy telling us all to buy more, judge each other, compete and stay distracted. We have to do our own research to find out the answers to our questions.

Most people know our money isn’t backed by gold anymore, but what a lot of people still don’t know is that the money being printed and distributed by a private company, not the government. Government taxes are used to pay back a loan to the company, also known as the Federal Reserve. It’s amazing how long it took us to come across this info. We’ve done quite a bit of research and have rewired our minds when it comes to currency.

We’ve focused more on trading our creative skills for lodging, food, activities and traveling. Money began to lose its value, when we personally experienced transactions and exchanges of energy and kindness occur without it. The more we learn to live on less, the more we reconnect with ourselves, each other and Mother Nature. We already know we can’t take material with us when we pass on, so we’re focused on the experience.

Our goals revolve around creating and growing a simple life with big adventures, where money doesn’t change or determine our wellbeing. With very little materials and the idea of money on the back burner, we’re having incredible experiences money just can’t buy. When we do spend money, we try to put it into family-owned/operated businesses, small businesses, recycled items and like-new products. If everyone could realize the benefits of going minimal and that less is more, more people could have less problems and the world could be a much better place for all.