Mushrooms are one of our favorite ingredients and superfoods. They are just magical. They come in all kind of varieties and promote muscle , boost energy, are good for bladder function and support the immune system. They mostly taste earthy and are amazing to eat raw, cooked, grilled and steamed. Enjoy some of our mushroom posts and recipes below!

Favorite Mushroom Recipe: Coming Soon

The Lills Food Mushroom


When the first chill of Fall hit, we were quick to cook up some hot soups! One of the easiest and most soothing soups we enjoy is our mushroom onion soup. It’s hearty, the thick red onion melts in our mouths and the mushroom gives it a rustic feel and taste....


Our first time foraging for wild chanterelle mushrooms was so much fun. A design client and friend of ours invited us to his beautiful property on an island in South Carolina. We went just to the edge of the forest and there were patches of golden mushrooms...

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