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While on our cross-country adventure, we were invited to see family. We trekked almost 500 miles from Colorado to Arizona in our VW bus and saw incredible views on the way.

The Lills Travel | VW Bus

When we made it to our destination, we were greeted by our niece, nephew and other family members. It was wonderful getting to visit with everyone. Our dog, Sunday and our cat, Scotia, had so much fun with the kids and their dog, Barkley. We played, we drew, we painted and we talked about anything and everything. We even got to shoot off rockets in a baseball field, which was definitely a highlight. The little ones had a blast and the grown ups got a chuckle when one rocket flew up so high, it went out of view and was lost.

Our favorite time during our visit with our niece, Sofia and our nephew, Ben, was when we got to look after them for two days. When we had the idea to make a movie, we couldn’t believe how excited they were. Together, we wrote the script and gave each of our characters a personality. Then we all put together the set, filmed the scenes and recorded everyone’s lines. It was so much fun and we were super impressed with how good Sofia and Ben were working as a team. We hope everyone enjoys the video below!