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Epsom salt is incredible. It’s a mineral compound that can be used in so many ways. We enjoy putting it in our hot baths to relax muscles and relieve body pains. It turns out, bathing in epsom salt also relieves bloating, lets the body absorb good minerals and draws out toxins in the body.

It’s said that epsom salt and the healing properities it offers was discovered in the 17th century. We’ve used it with a body brush to exfoliate skin, leaving it silky smooth. We’ve added a 1/2 a teaspoon to our soap and exfoliated our faces and we’ve left it in our hair for twenty minutes to volumize and de-grease. It makes a great foot and hand soak too. We’ve heard it can even be added to drinking water to relieve constipation and relax the digestive muscles.

Epsom Salt Uses | The Lills Food

Epsom salt is easy to find and very inexpensive. It’s a luxury not enough people know about and is a treat we will continue to enjoy as long as we’re on planet Earth. Afterall, our bodies are our true vehicles and we must take good care of them so we can enjoy the journey.