Max Gerson was a physician who dedicated his entire life to showing people the power of whole plant-based foods and dietary-based treatments that proved to cure cancer and disease. We learned that our bodies have alkaline-acidic levels, that when out of balance, cause problems. Basically, if we make our bodies entirely alkaline, disease cannot exist in the body.

The Lills Vegetable Wall

We took PH balance strips, peed on them and were able to see our alkaline and acidic levels. Based on poor diet, we were definitely not alkaline. Once we began eating whole fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and other non-processed foods, we could see our levels begin to change and our minor pains flew away. It was amazing to see how quickly we could feel the difference in our energy levels, alertness and moods.

Supposedly, Max Gerson tried to get this information out to the public and was poisoned with arsenic when his information was stolen. Hard to believe, he cured himself with his own information and rewrote everything. The second time he was poisoned, he died, but his family took his information and began a clinic in Mexico where people can go and seek out this therapy. Coffee enemas, natural supplements and healing through a vegetarian/organic diet are some of the alternative and non-toxic treatments that are available to people with the worst forms of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Change of diet to organic/vegetarian/live food/plant-based seems to literally reverse disease. Now that this information is becoming more widely understood, people are going back to the source of healing: food.