It is always a great pleasure to hear from the people we’ve met along the way, as well as the people who stumble upon us. Please feel free to leave a message and we’ll be sure to get back to you! Peace & Love.

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Hello, we are the couple you met in the hotel swimming pool in Sedona! I just watched your video on Sedona and it brought back some great memories. Would love to hear what you guys are up to now and if you remember us! You sure made an impression on us! – Gary and Cheryl from Iowa

Hi! My kids and I just met you in Pagosa and were all so pleasantly tickled by our meeting, that I had to say ‘hi’. Thanks for sharing your pets, enthusiasm, and business/life path with us. Yes to your adventures! Happy trails to y’all! – Mindy from Colorado

Hey Alex and Lara! I was so lucky to meet you guys in Pagosa. I hope you are okay and having fun! I made it back to Mississippi and am awaiting my next adventure! Maybe we can get together on the road! Cheers! – Paul from Mississippi

Hi new friends, I told my grandson Owen about such luck finding you. He loves it when I spark spontaneous conversations. Today he kept looking for your van! – Joan from New Mexico

It’s Glenn here, the guy you met in East Dallas. Just thinking about you guys, hope the VW is going well and you’re staying cool! – Glenn from New Zealand

I met you guys in New Orleans! Hope you guys are having an awesome day! – Jules from Australia

Thanks for the smiles 😀 safe journeys!  May you bring balance to the all the negative energy with the positive! – Joe from New Orleans

Just saw you guys on 95 and read your story. Safe travels and blessings to you guys! – Jenny

Great chatting with u guys at the gas station. Beautiful pictures on your blog. – Paul and Brenda

Safe travels to you two… Keep spreading that sunshine…I will never forget the two of you and that bus! – Angela from South Carolina