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Maybe it’s because we’re creatives or because we run our own business, but it feels like we’re always being asked if we went to college to learn our skills or if we were self-taught. The thing is, one of us went to one of the top art schools in America for print/sculpture and the other grew up in a family who owned and operated a television commercial production company, which led them to pursue creative work in non-classical ways. Neither of us went to school to learn what we do today: web design, graphic design, photography and film. We learned it through practice, research and time.

Although many jobs require a formal education, today, people are finding out they can start their own businesses, learn skills and educate themselves with practice and the power of the internet. The internet allows us all to acquire knowledge in a very different way than school provides and we’re very thankful for it, as we didn’t have to pay or sit in class to learn what we know. We learned through actual experience.

When we decided to get married, we made a vow to deny 9-5 jobs and start our own design business that would allow us to spend 24-7/365 together, because to us, our time together is priceless. We’re self-taught videographers, photographers, graphic artists, web designers, social media managers, screen printers, fashion designers, animators, musicians, stylists, artists and creative directors.

College Degree vs Self Taught | The Lills

Today, we wake up when we want to, work when we want to, eat when we want to, go to sleep when we want to, travel when we want to and nobody is there to say otherwise. Sure, we don’t have a lot of money, but we do have a lot of love, fun and freedom. We learn more every day as we exercise our imagination, creative intuition and pursue limitless possibilities.