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When reading history books given to school children, it sure seems as though humans were sent in every direction to extract coal, oil and other important resources for big powers with big agendas. This is pretty odd, when the whole time they could have been using the sun, water, wind, and nature to power everything and they had the knowledge to do it. In fact, there was a time hemp was a primary resource for fiber, fuel, food, medicine, paper, construction materials and more, but the history books don’t cover much regarding the “soon-to-be” billion dollar crop.

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We, as humans, are faced with a challenge that needs our attention. It took us until Hurricane Matthew and the hurricanes of 2017 to really see the effects weather and climate change can potentially bring, as well as realize what we can do as individuals and a couple to be better educated, better skilled and more prepared. In what seemed to be one fell swoop, we became sitting ducks, with no clue as to what to do in a state of emergency.

Hurricane Matthew wasn’t our first hurricane, but it was the first hurricane we evacuated for. We left much later than most of the people we knew in the area, but one of our friends decided to stay home and stick through the storm.

As we made it out of our small South Carolina town and watched from afar, we couldn’t help but wonder if our friend was okay. Water levels rose, electricity was down and no one was allowed to leave or enter town. It took nine days before we got the okay to go back to the water damaged home we were renting. We were honestly impressed it was still standing.

During the storm, we were able to communicate with our friend all due to their little solar energy pack that used the sun to power their cell phone, computer, a light and more. Imagining one person having power from the sun, while all others were in the dark, put everything into perspective. Free energy and/or reusable energy, like solar, hemp and wind power can replace toxic fossil fuels. We can still have power, get from point A to point B and even save money, while restoring some balance and letting the Earth heal.

Finding clever ways to get off or rely less on the grid, is something many people are beginning to look into. We’ve met individuals, couples and families who have reorganized and reformed their lives to depend more solely on themselves and the food and energy they can produce on their own.

It looks as though solar energy products are becoming more widely available too. We even found solar panels for powering our VW bus with auxiliary electricity for a/c, heat, gear and charging batteries. We’ve noticed homes and businesses beginning to install solar panels and we look forward to continuing to invest, research and learn more about alternative energy.

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