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When the two of us moved to South Carolina, we didn’t know anyone and funny enough, we liked it that way. It allowed us to focus on our business, organize our life and spend our time together, doing the things we love. It wasn’t that we were anti-social, we were just not willing to be distracted from our work, goals and priorities in life.

The two of us experimented, by purposefully using some time out of our week to be social. When we hung out with a younger crowd, it usually involved drinking and it seemed as though nobody could take their eyes away from their phones, television or games. The topics of conversation typically revolved around social drama, the media, celebrities, products and sex. When we spent time with people our own age, it usually involved drinking and conversations typically revolved around personal drama, the media, celebrities, products and sex. The more we got to know people older than us in town, the more we were invited to different kinds of social events. The conversations were usually revolved around family drama, the news, money, work, vacations and sex. It was very rare to come across people who were thinking or speaking outside of the box.

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It wasn’t until we crossed paths with a like-minded person that we got excited. Before us stood an outgoing individual who happened to have their own little web and graphic company, just like us. They literally spoke our language and our conversations completely revolved around bettering ourselves as individuals, spreading love and good energy. We’d discuss topics of metaphysics and meditation to vegetarianism and bettering the environment. We were even able to get creative together, make food together and grow together. Never did we feel anything but support, encouragement and positivity and it was nice to give the same back.

We’re finding more like minded people, excited about the same things we are and we feel that is the point. No matter what our priorities and interests are, there are people out there that we can teach and learn from in a truly friendly way.