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We found this beautiful hippie inspired fringed purse at a very funky thrift shop in Savannah, Georgia, probably three or so years ago. It is so authentic, soft to the touch and in great shape. There is no tag to be found, so we’re not sure of the maker or even... FRINGE BINGE PURSE See the full post


In nature, animals often use power poses to display dominance and intimidation. Maybe you’ve heard of humans using similar power poses (like hands on the hips) to display strength. It turns out you can use power poses in times to override feelings... PRINTED ELEPHANT HAT See the full post


This wonderful ring is a great reminder to stay positive and keep smiling. The happy smiley face graphic is iconic and supposedly was created by Harvey Ross Ball, an American graphic artist in 1963. We just love the power of design. Enjoy this incredibly happy... HAPPY RING See the full post


Fondue has always been a guilty pleasure of ours. Whether it’s dipping fluffy bread into delicious melted cheese or covering a piece of fruit in melted chocolate, we are put into an immediate bliss. This fantastic book from the seventies is not only cool on the... FABULOUS FONDUES BOOK See the full post


Whille in the beautiful Smoky Mountains we stopped by a little antique shop and came across some really gorgeous vintage charms. Our absolute favorite one we picked up was a charm from 1966, with the images of a man and woman still inside. It felt as though we were... 1966 YEAR BOOK CHARM See the full post


We’ll never get tired of retro cameras, especially Polaroids. The instant photo capability allowed so many memories to occur. We’ll never forget blowing on the photographs to help the images expose. They make new instant cameras, but we much prefer the old... RAINBOW POLAROID CAMERA See the full post


While thrifting in the little port town of Beaufort, South Carolina, we came across this super duper cool ring. It really is a fantastic piece that acts as a companion to any outfit. Fiercy is a conversation piece that has had everyone talking. We hope he finds a... FIERCY THE RING See the full post


Whenever we come across floppy disks for sale, we buy them up. They are a thing of the past, out of production and once they are gone, they are gone. Funny enough, we’ve heard about people using them to hide information, seeing as nobody has the old school... FLOPPY DISKS See the full post


Everyone loves the mechanical puzzle game known as the Rubik’s Cube. It was invented by architect Ernő Rubik and is a game that many people study with great determination. We were really excited to come across this old school book of solutions to the... RUBIKS CUBE SOLUTIONS BOOK See the full post


There is something really wonderful that happens with long earrings. They move and dance and can come off very subtle when worn with hair down. These shooting star earrings get a ton of attention and people always ask where we got them. We forget where we picked these... SHOOTING STAR EARRINGS See the full post
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