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The Lills offers a personal look into the life and minds of Alex and Lara Lill as they take their 24-7/365 lifestyle on the road, learn, teach and pursue a simple life with big adventures!

Get inspired and enjoy personal posts, photos, videos and more!

The Lills


When we were little, it was as though if we could dream it, we could do it or make it happen. Both of us have fond memories of times in which we thought so clearly about something, that it appeared in our reality, as if by magic. We were much better at it when we were... MANIFESTATION See the full post


Humans are all brought up with beliefs that carry on through generations. Often times, we are mislead, we are quick to judge or we don’t take the time to educate ourselves outside of what they taught us. In Part Two, Soul shows a fellow why we shouldn’t... SOUL’S LIFE ADVENTURE – PART TWO See the full post


Most humans these days begin life in a box, they live in a box, they go to school in a box, they usually work in a box and then they die and are often put in a box. It makes us wonder why we’re on such a gorgeous planet if everyone likes boxes so much. We might... LIFE IN BOXES See the full post


The two of us found out what is was like to have an out-of-body experience. In one fell swoop, it became clear to us the difference between our physical bodies and the operator inside. Enjoy our Body And Soul post below! Often time we express “my body... BODY AND SOUL See the full post


We’re excited to introduce Soul’s Life Adventure, a series. Our main character is a soul named Soul and he’s about to go on an adventure called life. He has his own perspective, he does his research and he’s not afraid to question things, learn, find solutions and... SOUL’S LIFE ADVENTURE – PART ONE See the full post


When the two of us said “I Do” in 2010, we were not only agreeing to spend this life together, but we also decided we would change our lifestyle drastically, for intended drastic results. We got rid of all of our belongings, started a design business and... THE LILLS ORGANIZE LIFE See the full post


About a month into meeting and dating each other in 2005, we moved to the beach and (with little money and no financial backing) began our first design business, screen-printing original graphic designs on organic tees. We spent 24 hours a day together, worked... 24-7/365 RELATIONSHIP See the full post
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