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It’s one thing to sick a dog on someone, but a dolphin? It’s true, they are considered one of the smartest animals on Earth and highly evolved, which is why it disturbs us they are being used in warfare. Supposedly, back in the sixties the Navy studied...See the full post


It’s absolutely amazing how every night we leave our bodies in a state of paralysis and poof, return in the morning to yet another day of earthly experience. It’s like being reborn each day. The unfortunate part is that it seems like everyone gets up, gets...See the full post


When we were little, it was as though if we could dream it, we could do it or make it happen. Both of us have fond memories of times in which we thought so clearly about something, that it appeared in our reality, as if by magic. We were much better at it when we were...See the full post


Most humans these days begin life in a box, they live in a box, they go to school in a box, they usually work in a box and then they die and are often put in a box. It makes us wonder why we’re on such a gorgeous planet if everyone likes boxes so much. We might...See the full post


Epsom salt is incredible. It’s a mineral compound that can be used in so many ways. We enjoy putting it in our hot baths to relax muscles and relieve body pains. Bathing with epsom salt also relieves bloating, lets the body absorb good minerals and draws out...See the full post


About a month into meeting and dating each other in 2005, we moved to the beach (with little money and no financial backing) and began our first design business, screen-printing original graphic designs on organic tees. We spent 24 hours a day together, worked...See the full post
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