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One of us grew up with no dog to be found and the other one of us had dogs and pets of all kinds as a child. When we decided to move in with one another (which was almost immediately), it didn’t take us long to invite a dog into our own grown up life. It really...See the full post


Our little business, The Lills Design, offers web and graphic design, photography and video. When companies or people are in need of websites, we work with them to build their very own brand online. We often run into situations where people are using third party...See the full post


Over the last 13 years, we’ve lived in 14 houses and 5 states together. Every time we rented a house, we’d transform it from the inside out. When it came to our little beach bungalow on Folly Beach in South Carolina, we planted tons of tomato plants,...See the full post


We found this really neat tape recorder that is portable and comes with a mini microphone. It must have been so cool back in the day to carry around this guy and capture sound. Items from today just don’t give off the kind of vibe found in older...See the full post


The two of us remember reading The Berenstein Bears books when we were little. Each book focused on a specific life topic, like strangers, messy rooms, bullying and more. We were stunned when we came across the beloved childhood books, titled The Berenstain Bears,...See the full post


We met a very interesting man who made us aware of an odd topic of conversation that is going on around the world. He said people have put together the photos of Earth that NASA has taken over the last few decades and each depiction looks very different. The...See the full post


It’s one thing to sick a dog on someone, but a dolphin? It’s true, they are considered one of the smartest animals on Earth and highly evolved, which is why it disturbs us they are being used in warfare. Supposedly, back in the sixties the Navy studied...See the full post


Before moving into our first house as a married couple, we discussed our many possible futures and the things we’d like to manifest in our life. We decided to hold the same picture in our minds, of a horse in our backyard and a VW bus to putt around in. Two...See the full post


Most humans these days begin life in a box, they live in a box, they go to school in a box, they usually work in a box and then they die and are often put in a box. It makes us wonder why we’re on such a gorgeous planet if everyone likes boxes so much. We might...See the full post


Epsom salt is incredible. It’s a mineral compound that can be used in so many ways. We enjoy putting it in our hot baths to relax muscles and relieve body pains. Bathing with epsom salt also relieves bloating, lets the body absorb good minerals and draws out...See the full post


Our story begins when we were born, which happened to be at the same hospital in Dallas, Texas. Both of our families only stayed a few years in the state before moving and it took us until we were 19 and 23 years old to finally cross paths in Connecticut. Although we...See the full post
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