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The Lills offers a personal look into the life and minds of Alex and Lara Lill as they take their 24-7/365 lifestyle on the road, learn, teach and pursue a simple life with big adventures!

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The two of us were overwhelmed with excitement every single day that it took to get our VW bus geared for our cross-country adventure. We had no fear, just determination. The actual day we headed out however, it sank in rather quickly that we were taking a leap of... LEAP OF FAITH See the full post


One of the most rewarding changes we’ve made was becoming aware of our mindfulness. When life had us moving at a fast pace, we were working for the man and stress was high. It was easy to charge through life, not recognizing our behaviors and actions along the... PRACTICING MINDFULNESS See the full post


Freedom, to us, is the state of being free to speak, eat, drink, learn, sleep, travel, express one’s self and experience. No other animal on the planet pays money for these things. The only real reason to have created a thing called money was to create the idea... FREEDOM vs MONEY See the full post


We never realized how important it was to wake up and start focusing on our chakras. Basically, our bodies have points of concentrated energy which whether in balance or not in balance, effect everything from mood to physical and mental health. Just like a knot in the... WE’RE CHOCK FULL OF CHAKRAS See the full post


Our favorite way to explain self help can be found in the back of most airplane seats. If you look, you’ll see the diagram stating “Place the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping small children or others who may need your assistance”.... SELF HELP & HELPING OTHERS See the full post


It’s clear to most people that there are powers that be, managing the distribution of information and technology to the masses. If all of the technology or full potential of the technology known to man was released to the public at once, it would result in... ELECTRONICS AND A.I. See the full post


Studies have shown, millions of people are at risk of losing their hearing. Just like a bomb going off too closely to a person can make them go deaf, listening to loud music over a long period of time can too. To all those people driving around with their speakers... HEAR THIS See the full post


Max Gerson was a physician who dedicated his entire life to showing people the power of whole plant-based foods and dietary-based treatments that proved to cure cancer and disease. We learned that our bodies have alkaline-acidic levels, that when out of balance, cause... CURE ALL See the full post


Sigmund Freud was a father of psychology and psychoanalysis, most people know this. What a lot of people don’t know is, his nephew, Edward Bernays, used this information to create what we now know as public relations. He understood human emotion and how to... MANIPULATING MAN See the full post


When the two of us first met each other in 2005, we went to our local gym to workout together. We’d jump on the treadmill, lift weights and ride stationary bikes. The sound of electric machines, the smell of sweat and the amount of ego that filled the room was... EXERCISING INDOORS VS EXERCISING OUTDOORS See the full post
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