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We met a very interesting man in Colorado who told us some pretty wild things. He said, humans have only believed that the Earth is round for about 500 years and that for thousands of years, civilizations around the world have depicted a flat Earth (see the map...See the full post


A very wise man said to us, “you have to be your own heroes”. When things get tough, we get to choose how we react. We can either be our own worst enemies and make problems worse or we can be our own heroes and make light of any situation. We have met a...See the full post


Did you know that phones, televisions, watches and most electronics wouldn’t work without crystals? Each type of crystal has specific vibrational and energetic properties that are used to transmit invisible signals and frequencies. By cutting the crystals into...See the full post


Did you know there is an official member of the English government who is disclosing alien information to the world? Supposedly, he grew up with parents who were also connected to the government and since he was a child, he has been interacting with different alien...See the full post


According to Wikipedia and some recent articles we dove into, standard time as we know it was put in place by the U.S. and Canadian railways just back in 1883. Standard time was written into law in 1918. Before all of this occurred, local towns each followed their own...See the full post


A scientific study was done on red deer, showing the incredible way in which they communicate and make decisions. Although there might be a dominate male within the group, they actually don’t look to him to make the calls, but instead vote as a team. When the...See the full post


The two of us were overwhelmed with excitement every single day that it took to get our VW bus geared for our cross-country adventure. We had no fear, just determination. The actual day we headed out however, it sank in rather quickly that we were taking a leap of...See the full post


Freedom, to us, is the state of being free to speak, eat, drink, learn, sleep, travel, express one’s self and experience. No other animal on the planet pays money for these things. The only real reason to have created a thing called money was to create the spell...See the full post


We had a good laugh when we came across info on oil pulling. We had been swishing coconut oil in our mouths once a day because we know it kills mouth bacteria and leaves our teeth feeling squeaky clean. It turns out swishing oil in the mouth (on an empty stomach) is...See the full post
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