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The Lills offers a personal look into the life and minds of Alex and Lara Lill as they take their 24-7/365 lifestyle on the road, learn, teach and pursue a simple life with big adventures!

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We got into a really great conversation with a guy a few weeks ago. He was very much about being positive and doing right by others, but he still had an issue with the way some people behave. We explained our view is that if someone is acting in a negative way,... BE THE POSITIVE EXAMPLE See the full post


Global food waste is on the rise and recent studies show, Americans are throwing away 30-40% of their food, which is all sent to landfills. We’ll never forget walking into a big corporate grocery store, watching the employees take a shelf full of rotisserie... WASTE NOT, WANT NOT See the full post


A scientific study was done on red deer, showing the incredible way in which they communicate and make decisions. Although there might be a dominate male within the group, they actually don’t look to him to make the calls, but instead vote as a team. When the... ANIMAL DEMOCRACY See the full post


According to Wikipedia and some recent articles we dove into, standard time as we know it was put in place by the U.S. and Canadian railways just back in 1883. Standard time was written into law in 1918. Before all of this occurred, local towns each followed their own... TIME CHANGES See the full post


The two of us were overwhelmed with excitement every single day that it took to get our VW bus geared for our cross-country adventure. We had no fear, just determination. The actual day we headed out, it sank in rather quickly that we were taking a leap of faith. The... LEAP OF FAITH See the full post


Earth is an electrical planet, giving off energetic waves all around. It is just as alive as we are, and when we walk around barefoot, we can feel the tingles and sensations of being grounded and connected. They now call it “Earthing”, but it is what every... GROUNDING + CONNECTING WITH EARTH See the full post


When the two of us headed out of South Carolina and began our cross-country adventure, we brought our dog, Sunday, along for the ride. She was so easy going, friendly to all and she loved having the whole back of our VW bus to herself. We camped in Alabama and spent a... MEET SCOTIA See the full post


Have you ever heard of a star seed? It is the name given for those who carry light, good energy and are on the planet to help raise the vibration and enlighten the humans. Some of them don’t even know they’re doing it, but anytime we can converse, inspire... STAR SEEDS See the full post


When it comes to PDA (public display of affection), we feel the more people that show love, the better. Humans often learn through example. If everyone continues to show separation, and express more desire for individuality than togetherness or love, how can we expect... PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION See the full post
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