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When we take a look at animals on Earth, we don’t see them eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. They just eat. They eat when they’re hungry, drink when they’re thirsty and sleep when they’re tired, as they please. Humans on the other hand, have been sold on an idea: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (and it’s not natural).

Three big heavy meals a day overwhelms the system, slows down metabolism and makes people gain weight faster. Small bites throughout the day, as we’re hungry, gives us sustainable energy throughout the day and we never feel heavy or bloated.

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Supposedly, American settlers brought over the idea that people of society should not graze, but differentiate themselves from natives and the animal kingdom, by monitoring their eating habits. They looked at Indians and other cultures as “uncivilized”. At least everyone was still eating organic, whole food. Come the Industrial Revolution, work schedules resulted in a quick breakfast, quick lunch and heavy dinner and the idea of “three square meals”.

Back when WWII was going on, the government needed a way to send high-calorie-content-food to soldiers abroad. They had farmers produce an excess amount of product that would be turned into processed food, also known as K-rations. In turn, they found a way to feed Americans cheaply and make big profits. Poof, processed foods hit the grocery store shelves, people ate less from the garden, farm or local store and more from big companies producing “food” for the mass.

Today, the average grocery store has upwards of 80% genetically-modified-food products. Each one of us has to wake up, stop relying on convenience, stop giving our hard earned money to big corporations and realize the difference between dead food and live food.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are simply words designed to manage our lives, move the people, keep control and make money. Don’t eat when they tell you to, eat when you’re hungry. The two of us have found such joy eating small meals throughout the day, finding organic and whole foods at local markets and farms and seeing family and friends make the change as well.