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A very wise man said to us, “you have to be your own heroes”. When things get tough, we get to choose how we react. We can either be our own worst enemies and make problems worse or we can be our own heroes and make light of any situation.

We have met a lot of people along our cross-country journey who have openly told their stories and amazed us with their strength to carry on in a positive way and direction. Whether it was losing loved ones, losing money, losing hope or losing their minds, each one found a way to be their own hero and continue on.

Each of us only has so much we can control in life. Everything else is out of our hands. We can choose to accept the things we cannot change and use that energy to find change and peace in ourselves. Each negative vibration thrown into view is an opportunity to test our ability at staying balanced, collected and positive.

Be Your Own Hero | The Lills

We remember a story of a monk, who didn’t blink at bombs going off near him because he believed if he was meant to stay alive, he would and if he was meant to pass on, he would. To him, there was no reason to worry…We can only imagine and aspire to being that centered and at peace.

As long as we are living there will be tests, obstacles and negativity trying to get our attention. It is up to each one of us to fall down, pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, stay positive and learn from each bump and bruise.

For us, being our own heroes means being thankful for the life experiences and life lessons, listening to our higher selves and finding light in the dark. We’re not masters at holding our light and staying positive, but we imagine each challenge will test our abilities and teach us further. We are realizing that instead of feeling negatively over the negatives we’ve experienced and will experience, we can be grateful because each is a signal for growth.