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We got into a really great conversation with a guy a few weeks ago. He was very much about being positive and doing right by others, but he still had an issue with the way some people behave. We explained our view is that if someone is acting in a negative way, aggresses you, pushes you to the side or ignores your presence, it is most likely because they have darkness in their life they have yet to overcome or they are dealing with something. It is up to us to not add fire to the fire. Instead we can choose to be the better example, by either assisting or picking the path of least resistance. Sometimes it is hard to keep our cool and we’re not always perfect, but we are getting better and better at being water in the presence of fire.

When people act mean, disgruntled, rude or bitchy, it is often because that’s how they have learned to handle their stress, insecurities and pain. We explained to our new friend that rather than judging that person, we can be the stronger ones and not point the finger, but instead, react positively. Plus, when the negatively behaving person doesn’t get the reaction they expect or desire, often you can see a change in their attitude and behavior.

Rather than doing the expected and reacting negatively to challenges that occur, we’re attempting to rewire our brains to do the exact opposite. Instead of adding fire to fire, we are figuring out that staying balanced, reacting positively and solution-based thinking is much more effective.

Check out this wonderful video of how one person can move a whole crowd by being the example: