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Did you know there is an official member of the English government who is disclosing alien information to the world? Supposedly, he grew up with parents also connected to the government and as a child, interacted with different alien species.

The Lills Create | Do Aliens Exist Comic

For us it’s not too hard to believe. We as humans are in fact aliens living on a planet too. If the race heads to Mars, we imagine other aliens will become a less taboo topic and maybe a more popular one. Why can we enjoy Star Wars, but not the possibility of life outside our teeny tiny planet? If you zoom out far enough, Earth is nothing but a speck. We’re sure the universe has more going on than we think. Humans are still finding out new things, species and having breakthroughs all of the time.

We think it would be a major breakthrough for mankind if we could all finally realize it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or come from a different planet.