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The father of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) decided to admit right before dying, the disease is fictitious and not real. Leon Eisenberg explained millions of children were prescribed powerful mind-altering drugs that made pharmaceutical companies major profits.

In all honesty, we always felt the “ADHD” and “ADD” symptoms pointed to yes, a different kind of human being, just completely mislabeled. Some people are tuned to have great focus and do well in class, while others are tuned to a different vibration, which makes it difficult to sit still or operate in a standardized way.

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Hopefully more people can become aware that there is a kind of wild-child that is a free spirit and can’t be forced, contained or molded. They need to be allowed or be given a way to absorb information in a form that suits their energy.

Every individual is different and learns differently, so humans shouldn’t continue to be piled into one frame of mindset or be treated the same way. So let’s tell all those “ADD” and “ADHD” people out there, they are actually special in a really great way and the labels handed down to us simply aren’t true.