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About a month into meeting and dating each other in 2005, we moved to the beach and (with little money and no financial backing) began our first design business, screen-printing original graphic designs on organic tees. We spent 24 hours a day together, worked together and lived together in a one bedroom beach bungalow by the ocean. We loved what we were doing, we just didn’t want to be starving artists forever.

The pressure to make a buck eventually put us in a position to find other forms of income. We worked together in sales, advertising and eventually, we took separate jobs that paid better. We were never happy working separately or not for ourselves. It wasn’t until we became Mr. and Mrs. Lill that we decided to say no to typical jobs and began building our second design company. In a matter of months, we were able to start creating the 24-7/365 lifestyle (a simple life with big adventures) we had dreamed of from day one.

24-7/365 Couple | The Lills Relationship | Alex and Lara Lill

Since 2010, we have owned and operated our business, The Lills Design, which has allowed us to be on the same wavelength and spend every single day and night together, building our lifework. Every morning, we wake up, smile at each other and begin our day. We work together, sleep together, eat together, we even take our baths and showers together. We’ve learned that the more time we spend together working toward our goals, the faster they turn into realities.

In 2017, we took our design company and life on the road. We went completely minimal, packed up our 80 square foot VW bus and hit the road to explore the U.S. On the day we left, we launched TheLills.com and began telling our story, sharing our thoughts and travels. We hope everyone enjoys our posts and comes along with us on this journey!

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